Being a provider of choice in Langlade county for many years, Eastview Health & Rehabilitation Center is committed to providing residents the best in rehabilitative care by offering a comprehensive range of therapies and care programs to meet your clinical needs. Our nursing and care team is experienced and well trained in providing care for even the most medically complex patients, which allows our residents to experience quicker recovery time and return to home with fewer repeat hospitalizations.

Our experienced team works with you to develop an individualized plan designed to help you maximize your recovery and utilizes the latest equipment and techniques to help you transition back to home. Additionally, our knowledgeable interdisciplinary clinical team is well equipped to care for post-surgical and sub-acute patients, including those with IV therapy, tracheostomy or wound care needs.

Eastview Health & Rehabilitation Center has earned a reputation for providing superior healthcare services to our residents through our highly trained, caring and experienced staff. In addition to the care and therapies that we provide, we also offer healthy, delicious dining options and a wide range of activities to enable our residents to achieve maximum success throughout their stay.